divorce-attorney-durham-littlejon-lawGetting a divorce is one of the more stressful events you will have to face in your life. I am an experienced divorce lawyer. I believe that the best separation agreements are those that are created through the use of negotiation between the parties or mediation. When you can work through your divorce using alternative methods instead of litigation, it saves both parties time and money.

I also work with parents who have completed their divorce, but who are no longer happy with their child custody or child support arrangement. Maybe you have learned that your former spouse has a new, more lucrative job, or you aren’t getting the visitation that you expected. If you are having problems with your former spouse, and you believe you are not getting the child support that you deserve, I can help.

In the case of a stay at home parent, I also help get alimony to help cover the costs associated with getting you on your feet. Whether you are trying to get an education for a new career, or you simply need help paying for basic necessities until you get a full time job, alimony is designed to help the unemployed party in a divorce get established as a financially independent person.