Littlejohn Law Offices, PLLC

Durham and Raleigh Family Law Attorney

Getting a divorce can get complicated, fast. Attorney Diane Littlejohn is there to help guide clients down the right path. As a trained mediator, she understands the sensitive nature of topics that arise in the context of a separation, divorce or custody dispute. Ms. Littlejohn works diligently to keep the process as harmonious as possible.

When child custody is an issue, Attorney Littlejohn works with clients to devise with a reasonable custody schedule that puts the needs of the children first. Both parents will have input regarding child custody, visitation, and the need for child support. By following state guidelines, Attorney Littlejohn is able to advise clients appropriately to ensure the best outcome possible.

Attorney Littlejohn is committed to working with families in the family court to ensure that clients receive equitable property, child support and child custody from their divorce proceedings. She works hard to help both parties understand the legal process, and her experience in mediation gives her the tools she needs to help people come up with a fair, amicable agreement.