Family Law

durham-family-attorney-littlejohn-lawThe area of family law can be broad. Family includes issues with child custody, divorce, and property distribution. Whether you are in the middle of divorce proceedings and you now need legal representation, or you want to protect your assets so you can leave them to your children, I am prepared to meet with you about your specific case.

Family law encompasses the area of law that allows you to plan for your future, protects your family, and allows you to set up legal parameters to restructure your family in the case of a divorce. If you are trying to adopt a child, or you are trying to get a child support order modified, I am ready to talk with you about your case.

Working as a family lawyer, I understand how difficult it can be for parents to come up with a viable visitation schedule. Together we will look at your work schedule and try to devise a reasonable custody arrangement that works for the children as well as both parents.